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Workshop Tour with Pitch Black and Tom COSM

Pitch Black and Tom COSM are all of the following: inspirational musicians, exciting performers, from New Zealand. Both acts have developed a formidable reputation not only for their live performances but also their willingness to share their skills and inspire others to explore Ableton Live. Obviously, the perfect guys to do a workshop.

Workshops will take place in London and Amsterdam. It's free to take part, so no excuses if you're in the area and don't attend. Topics covered include:

  • bringing your songs from the studio to the stage
  • building your Live Sets
  • MIDI controllers
  • freeing yourself from the computer
  • triggering video

...and much more. It's not only a chance to get in-depth tips and advice from these seasoned performers, but also a chance to to see some blistering live electronica: both acts will perform in the same venue later that evening.

Remember: no excuses. Here are the details:


Workshop: 6:30pm Thursday July 24th
At the Cargo club, 83 Rivington Street, Shoreditch, London EC2A 3AY
Nearest tube stations: Liverpool Street or Old Street
Admission: Free
Performance: 9:30pm - 1am
Advance tickets: 9 Pounds from Ticketweb (08700 600 100)

More information:


Workshop: 7pm Friday July 25th
At Winston Kingdom, Warmoestraat 131
Admission: Free
Performance: 8pm
Advance tickets: 8 EUR from
Door: 10 EUR

More information:

Pitch Black

Ableton Forum regulars Pitch Black (Paddy Free and Michael Hodgson) have been performing their unique style of dub-tech, combined with live multimedia visuals, around the world for more than 10 years. Well respected on the live circuit, they have performed in the United Kingdom, USA, Japan, Australia, and across Europe from Ireland to Croatia. Their four albums have received rave reviews from the international music press for their genre-bending bass-heavy style.

Mike and Paddy will demonstrate how their Live Sets are geared for total remote operation via MIDI controllers without referencing the computer screen or touching the mouse. They will demonstrate their techniques for taking material recorded in the studio and re-triggering it on stage in spontaneous ways. As well as showing how they perform hands-on dub mixes entirely within Live, they will explain their methods of live video-triggering, creating their video show spontaneously in real-time.


Tom COSM is a live laptop performer from New Zealand who has dedicated a large chunk of his musical career to feeding the Live community with unique workshops and free video tutorials. Keeping his music independent of labels and money from sales, he offers everything for free and relies on word of mouth as his main method of promotion. Visit Tom's website for more information, music and video tutorials.

Tom's workshop will be aimed towards producers/DJs who are interested in moving out of the studio and into live performance, or wish to find out easy ways to make their existing set more lively. Topics include the benefits of playing a real Live set, manipulating your music in real time, how to convert your existing tunes into a "Live ready" set and a real-time example of how easy it can actually be to make music when you're using Tom's personally developed techniques and software macros (which will be provided for free). Plus a bunch of neat things you can do with your music once you begin, so you can become more confident in experimenting with your new Live Set.