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Propellerhead and Ableton present the Production & Performance Workshop Tour

Propellerhead Reason and Ableton Live--from the studio to the stage with style.

Ableton and Propellerhead both design creative studio tools which are equally effective in a flexible stage setup. Ableton Live is unique piece of music software that accompanies you through the entire musical process, from creation to production to performance. Propellerhead Reason is an infinitely-expandable virtual studio rack. The combination of Live and Reason (linked via ReWire) gives you a complete solution for modern music production, both in the studio and on stage.


  • Introduction to Ableton Live--basics, Session and Arrangement Views, Drum Racks and beat creation, remote environments
  • Introduction to Reason--Reason basics, ReFills, Thor, Remote
  • The concept of ReWire
  • Production flow via ReWire--Recording audio and MIDI, mixing and mastering
  • Preparing a studio production for the stage in Ableton Live/Reason
  • ... and the final result! Live performance by Dankmar and Simon


All workshops are free of charge.

Meet the presenters (movie is in German)