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New Live literature

Books are great--they're completely portable, don't require a power source and you can learn a lot by reading them. What's better than books? Books about Ableton Live, of course. Here are two fine new examples: "Ableton Live 7 Tips and Tricks" by Martin Delaney and "Ableton Live 7 Power!" by Jon Margulies.

Ableton Live 7 Tips and Tricks will give Live novices an insight into working methods that otherwise would take months to discover. For the more experienced user it promises a quick catch-up with Live's latest developments and a new perspective on some of Live's more established features. Martin Delaney (, aka mindlobster, is a teacher, writer, performer, producer, frequent Future Music contributor and all-round Ableton Live guru.

Ableton Live 7 Power! is aimed at both digital audio beginners and seasoned studio professionals and explores each fundamental feature in Live. The book provides power-user tips and insider tricks for integrating Live into a home or professional studio as well as investigating Live as a performance tool. Jon Margulies ( is an accomplished producer and guitarist who has played with some of the best musicians in the world and appeared at venues as diverse as Carnegie Hall, Tonic, Spirit, Queens Museum and some of New York's strangest underground parties.