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New Ableton Live lessons for drummers released on DVD

The latest release from digital drum loop master Donny Gruendler, Creating and Performing Drum Loops, offers a unique and interactive drum education experience. Focusing on track programming, equipment wiring and performance with Ableton Live, Donny's step-by-step approach takes you through four songs and four different programming methods, setups and performance strategies. He includes detailed how-to information on creating and performing to drum loops, click tracks, predetermined backing tracks and multichannel backing tracks. Gruendler also demonstrates how to put your skills to work with exciting live performance footage, featuring songs from Rhett Frazier Inc. The presentation is 150 minutes long, and the disc includes Ableton Live and BFD2 demo software in addition to companion session files that can be used in Live and BFD2.

Donny Gruendler is a Berklee-trained drummer and an instructor at Musicians Institute in Hollywood, California.

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