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Winners announced!

Thanks for taking part in Sasha's Invol2ver prize draw!

The lucky winners of the Invol2ver CDs are:

Kim Pedersen
Peter Braun
Richard Simpson
Stephane M.

Ableton pioneer Sasha's highly anticipated Invol2ver is out now. Invol2ver is no ordinary mix CD. It's a painstakingly created blend of mix and artist album in which a world-class DJ pushes his creativity to the limit. The standard edition features Sasha's unique reworkings of musical giants such as Radiohead's Thom Yorke and Ray LaMontagne as well as formidable electronic artists like Apparat, Ladytron and M83, while the limited edition comes equipped with a second CD of Sasha remix exclusives. Invol2ver is the sound of one of the world's finest DJs at the peak of his powers, mixing you the future.

Invol2ver is now available in the US, UK/rest of the world and digitally worldwide.

Sasha, a long-time Ableton Live user, says Live is central to his work: "Ableton Live 7 has been the core of what we do in the studio. Its seamless integration for DJing and DAW in the studio have made it the most important tool we use. Involver and Invol2ver would never have been possible without Ableton Live."

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