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Form Labs workshop in NY

Learn Live from electronic musician, audio engineer, DJ, teacher, and Ableton Certified Live expert Brian Jackson: author of the Live 5 & Live 6 CSi Master DVDs and technical editor of the "Live 7 Power!" book (Thomson Publishing). This workshop is designed to push your Live skills to the next level in just 2 days (12 hours). Through a combination of A/V demonstrations, lecture, Q & A and guided hands-on practice, each participant will have a chance to learn in a way that best suits their style.

Topics covered:

  • Warp Modes, Markers and methods
  • Mixer Routing and ReWire
  • Working with Plug-ins and Effects
  • Working with Virtual Instruments
  • Operator, Impulse and Simpler
  • Instrument, Drum and Effect Racks
  • Session View and Arrangement View
  • Audio and MIDI Clips
  • The Browser
  • Custom Key and Midi Mappings
  • Clip Envelopes
  • Follow Actions
  • Recording Audio and Midi clips
  • Automation in Arrangement View
  • Recording and Editing your performance in Arrangement View
  • Mixing Theory
  • Basic Setup and Preferences
  • Library and Asset Management
  • REX Files and Slicing Audio Files

Dates and times:
Saturday October 25th and Sunday October 26th, 1:00 PM to 7:00 PM

Form Labs is centrally located in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NYC by the G and L trains, right next to the BQE.

Please note: Participants are highly encouraged to bring a laptop, Apple or PC, capable of running Live 7 comfortably. You can sign up without a laptop, it is simply not ideal. (One laptop is available for daily rental)

Pre-registration is highly recommended as the workshop is limited to six participants each day.

For more information and registration go to Form Labs: