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Brand-New Ableton-Certified Live Courses at Dubspot in the Big Apple

Just a stone's throw away from Ableton's Manhattan office, the Ableton-certified DJ school Dubspot is presenting a slew of new courses designed to do one thing: Teach users to unlock the power of Ableton Live.

Starting in September and continuing into the fall, Dubspot is offering a number of excellent courses designed to get your electronic music skills up to snuff. Dubspot's flagship course in Ableton Live 7 is a twenty-four-week course comprised of three eight-week modules, each of which can also be taken separately. Dubspot is also pleased to offer special weekend courses devoted to Ableton Live.

The courses are headed up by Jon Margulies, author of the acclaimed Ableton Live 7 Power! guide to Ableton Live, and two Ableton Certified instructors. For more information on Dubspot's course offerings for Ableton Live and their state-of-the-art facilities, check out the link below.

Space is limited for these exclusive Ableton Live courses, so sign up now!