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Ableton at Dis-patch Festival 2008 in Belgrade

Dis-patch Festival and Ableton are proud to partner-up again in 2008. Last year, Gerhard Behles and Robert Henke, aka Monolake, held presentations. This year, Dis-patch is running a free, two-day Ableton Live course, in cooperation with the Belgrade School of Electrical Engineering. The workshop will be hosted by Belgrade-based producer Goran Simonoski (P.O.S.) and includes public presentations by some of the artists playing at the festival, including Deadbeat, Add Noise, and Robert Henke.

Dis-patch Festival Of Cutting-Edge Music & Related Art
Belgrade, Serbia
October 11-20, 2008

Ableton Live Workshop
October 16 and 17, 2008

Dis-patch celebrates its seventh anniversary in 2008. The festival is an important meeting point for many distinguished musicians and an opportunity for local audiences to enjoy a diverse range of artists (and styles) from all over Europe, the US, Canada and beyond. Importantly, Dis-patch has also been highly supportive of the local scene, using the event as a creative force and involving Serbian artists and musicians. The festival is part of the global ICAS network of like-minded events such as Clubtransmediale, Mutek, NuMusic, Ultrahang, Futuresonic and many others.

The list of confirmed artists for the 2008 festival includes Pan American, Deadbeat, 2562, Errorsmith, Substance, Thomas Köner, Nemeth, Martin Brandlmayr, Autistic Daughters, Rashim, Morgan Packard, Staalplaat Sound System, Lukatoyboy, Piece of Shh.., DJ Pete, Optical Machines, Termulator X, Telco Systems and more.

For more information on the festival, a complete list of artists and the full (packed!) program, visit the festival on the web: