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Ableton Live Workshops with DJ Aroma at Femmes 'R' Us Festival, Berlin

On two evenings during the Femmes 'R' Us festival at Berlin Radialsystem V, participants can try their hands at two workstations complete with mixer hardware and DJ setups. Participants should bring their own notebooks and headphones in order to check out Ableton Live 7 (free trial version available here or at the festival) and practice using it with the support of Ableton specialists and DJ Aroma. Sound files and samples will be available for participants.

The fee is 20 EUR per class, and the number of participants is limited. To enroll, contact Females are strongly encouraged to participate.

Class I: DJing with Ableton Live and Controllers

Monday, August 11, 20:00--0:00 (doors open 18:00)

This class is designed for Ableton Live beginners and aspiring DJs. We'll cover the basics of DJing with Ableton Live and create DJ sets with songs and loops. We'll learn about mixing a live set, using effects and controllers, and troubleshooting on stage/at the club.

Class II: Sequencing and Sound Design with Ableton Live

Tuesday, August 12, 20:00--0:00 (doors open 18:00)

This advanced class covers arrangement, dynamics, sound design, effects, workflow, tricks and troubleshooting (e.g., eliminating electrical humming noise in a live venue). Participants will have the chance to create their own remix of an existing song with samples. We'll also consider various musical genres. The class will also be of interest to participants focused on radio or film sound recording.

Both classes will be in German.

Ableton Live Workshops with DJ Aroma
Femmes 'R' Us
August 11 and 12, 2008
20:00--0:00 hrs
Fee: 20 EUR per class
Sign up: (limited number of seats)

Femmes 'R' Us Festival
Feminism in Pop Music Art Film Today
August 7--16, 2008
Radialsystem V, Berlin

Radialsystem V
Holzmarktstr. 33
10243 Berlin