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Berkleemusic: Free Ableton Live Online Lesson

Our friends at Berkleemusic are giving it away for free. If you're new to Ableton Live, this free online lesson provides an interesting look at the Session View and examines Live's user interface in detail. The lesson is an excerpt from Berkleemusic's 12-week online course "Producing Music with Ableton Live".

Sign up for your free lesson here:

If you enjoy your lesson, you'll be interested to know that Berkleemusic runs a number of dedicated Ableton Live courses and certificate programs:

Online Courses

  • Producing Music with Ableton Live (12-week course)

    Learn to remix and produce in any number of contemporary styles, including drum and bass, R&B, breakbeat/trance and house music using Ableton Live.

  • Advanced Music Production with Ableton Live (12-week course)

    Based on feedback from Ableton Live users, this advanced course offers a forward-thinking approach to recording, editing mixing and mastering using Ableton Live.

Online Certificate Programs

Got your head nodding? Then enroll now for the winter term, starting January 12, 2009. It's just a click away: