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Warper Party NYC

Recently, New York-area Live fans have been given the opportunity to show off their performance chops at Warper parties--free events that feature a mix of Ableton Live-based headliners and budding users. The monthly events, conceived of and hosted by DJ Shakey and Moldover, have been running strong since January of 2006.

By showcasing a wide variety of Live users with their "open laptop" format, Warper parties offer a unique perspective on the performance styles of many different artists, providing an experience that's as educational as it is enjoyable!

Warper parties are held at the Botanica Bar in New York City. Detailed information about future events (including "open laptop" signup information) is available at

The next Warper party will feature a live remix contest:


Sign up to participate in this sonic-technology battle and win fabulous prizes! Here's how you can participate:

  • Pick up a CD of a big 'ol chunk of Moldover's Live Remashing set, e-mail
  • Take it home and prepare a 6-8 minute performance using no pre-recorded materials except the files you are given
  • Come back and perform your set at Warper on May 23
  • Winners will be chosen by audience reaction- measured by our esteemed panel of judges.
1st Prize: a case of RedBull
2nd Prize: a case of sugar-free Redbull
3rd Prize: a beer
Warper Party NYC: Tuesday, May 23
Botanica Bar
47 East Houston St.
(between Mott & Mulberry)