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Live 5.2.1, Now with TranzPort Support

Ableton and Frontier Design Group are pleased to announce dedicated support in Live 5.2.1 for Frontier's popular TranzPort wireless DAW controller.

Live's Instant Mapping to the TranzPort controller gives you immediate wireless control of Live's features. From anywhere in your studio or on stage, you can easily drive Live's transport, arm and record tracks, launch scenes and clips, set playback levels, adjust panning and mute/solo, set markers, and much more--all remotely, without touching your computer. The TranzPort's LCD display and LED indicators let you know where you are and what's going on at all times, and the TranzPort's wireless RF control is specially designed not to conflict with the transmitting frequencies of other wireless devices.

It's a breeze to set up; in Live's MIDI/Sync Preferences, simply select the TranzPort under Remote Control Surfaces, and you're ready to go.

For complete wireless control of Live 5 (and Live 6 when it's released), try Instant Mapping to the TranzPort.

To see TranzPort in action with Live 5, check out this video.

For a great deal on Live 5 bundled with the TranzPort, visit the Ableton web shop.