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Sasha Tours Germany

International DJ/producer and Ableton Live user Sasha will make his first dedicated tour of Germany in September. The two-week, six-show tour comes on the heels of Live at Avalon, a limited edition double live CD from the closing party of his most recent US residency.

Sasha is an enthusiastic Ableton Live user who DJs with the software at his gigs. Using an Apple iMac and his custom-built controller, Maven, Sasha has been mixing and remixing with Live to captivated audiences for more than two years.

Sasha spoke with the German magazine Raveline about his experiences with Live:

"The Ableton thing... for me it has brought computers into the DJ world. I'm not getting too crazy with it--treating it more like a 6 channel DJ mixer--but when I see what people do with it in their live performances, I see how revolutionary and mind blowing it is. For me it's been the most exciting breakthrough in DJ technology for a very long time."

Read the full German interview at:

Sasha's official website

Sasha Germany tour dates:

Sept 14--8 Seasons, Munich
Sept 15--Zapata, Stuttgart
Sept 16--Zu House Club, Dortmund
Sept 21--Tribehouse, Neuss,
Sept 22--Spindler & Klatt (POPKOMM Closing) Berlin
Sept 23--Queen Elisabeth Pier, Hamburg