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Ableton Live 5.2 Supports Novation Automap

Ableton and Novation are happy to announce that starting with Live 5.2 and Live Lite 5.05, Live will support Automap for Novation's ReMOTE SL keyboard.

"Live and the ReMOTE SL are a great match, whether used in the studio or onstage," says Ableton's Rutger de Groot. "With Live supporting Automap, this powerful combination makes integrating the two effortless for the user."

Automap is a system devised by Novation whereby parameter mapping is done automatically as the user navigates around a session. When an Automap-supporting application is booted up, the SL will switch to the Automap template and do all the hard work for you. Then, all you need to do is press one button on the SL or click once with the mouse to switch control from one instrument or session area to another.

In Live, the mixer and transport controls are immediately available, with every effect and plug-in mapping automatically to the ReMOTE's controls when clicked on screen. The right side of the SL's control surface can be used to control the mixer functions, with the LCD above showing track names, volume, pan, and send data. The top buttons can be used to punch tracks in and out, while the bottom ones are can be used to arm tracks for recording. As soon as you select an instrument or effect in Live's interface, it will automatically map to controls on the left side of the SL. The LCD details which parameter is mapped to which control. The remaining buttons, knobs, and trigger pads are used for navigating around the Live grid or are freely assignable.

To utilize Automap, you'll need to first update your ReMOTE SL Firmware to version 5 by downloading and running the installer. Click here and follow the instructions.

Next, you'll need to download the update to Live 5.2 or Live Lite 5.0.5.

To celebrate this combination, Novation is sponsoring a giveaway of their new controller. To enter this contest, please click here.

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