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Time-Limited Offer: Upgrade from Live Lite to the full version of Live 5 between now and May 22, 2006 for only EUR/USD 199!

As a registered owner of a Live Lite version that came bundled with your hardware product, you are now eligible to purchase a full version of Live 5 for EUR/USD 199, compared to EUR/USD 499 (MSRP). This special offer is only available until May 22, 2006, so please visit the upgrade page to order now!

Version 5 offers a huge palette of new features and workflow enhancements:

DAW Features. Live 5 includes advanced and creative DAW features to satisfy any audio professional, such as clip freeze, plug-in delay compensation, launchable Arrangement locators and Mackie Control support.

Remix Features. Get ready to remix! Live 5 includes a host of new remix-minded features, assuring instant remix and mash-up gratification. MP3 support, automatic tempo-matching, Complex Warp Mode and the new clip transport make remixing a breeze.

Organizational Tools. Never lose ideas again! Live 5 features simple tools for saving, previewing and accessing any idea on your hard drive. Explore the new "Live Clip" file format, better browsing, new preset management, device groups and the new library.

Instruments and Effects. Live 5 introduces a selection of innovative new devices, bringing even more creative possibilities. Check out Beat Repeat, Phaser, Flanger, Auto Pan, Saturator, Arpeggiator and the updated Simpler.

And, of course, no more lite-version limitations to the number of tracks, effects, etc.

For more information on Live 5, check out the in-depth tour or download your free demo version now. We'd be happy to answer any questions about Live or this special offer. Write to us at