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Future Cuts - DJ Workshops 2004

Ableton, M-Audio, KORG, Vestax and Stanton present DJ Workshops 2004 in Berlin, Cologne and Hamburg

Get the Live experience!

Product specialists and DJs will show you how laptop DJing with Live works in DJ workshops on March 9 - 11, 2004. DJ Rabauke, Shapemod (Terranova) and DJ Aroma will perform live on stage, demonstrating their techniques and use of Ableton Live and hardware/software from M-Audio, Stanton, Vestax and KORG.

Check out M-Audio's brand-new Firewire Audiophile audio interface, Stanton's groundbreaking Final Scratch, Vestax's new club mixing tools PMC-500 and PMC-CX, and KORG's new KAOSS Pad entrancer for real-time audio and video manipulation, all live and on stage at DJ workshops in Berlin, Cologne and Hamburg.


DJ Rabauke, Shapemod (Terranova), DJ Aroma (Ground Control), Chicken (Giana Brotherz), DJ Yul (toolbox) and DJ Harsh (Zhark Recordings)


Berlin: March 09, 2004, 19:00, Bootlab Raum 3, Ziegelstr. 20, 10117 Berlin

DJs: Shapemod (Terranova), DJ Aroma (Ground Control), DJ Harsh (Zhark Recordings)

Cologne: March 10, 2004, 19:00,, Aachener Straße 82-84, 50674 Köln

DJs: Shapemod (Terranova), Chicken (Giana Brotherz)

Hamburg: March 11, 2004, 19:00, Beta Lounge, Sternstr. 67, 20357 Hamburg,

DJ Rabauke, DJ Yul (toolbox)

Registration and admission:

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Admission: EUR 10

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