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2020 Vision, M-Audio and Ableton present: Live Electronic Tour

Celebrating the 100th release with a unique tour combining club entertainment with education for new producers, 2020Vision organises an artist-based music college tour, bringing cutting edge technology to the producers of the future.

This unique tour will feature an Ableton live set by 2020 artist Random Factor and an in-depth demonstration and talk about the revolutionary ways to make music by M-Audio's technological expert Neil Johnston. The tour is designed to demonstrate the interest that 2020Vision, Ableton and M-Audio have in future music producers and the importance of education in developing musical talent. The aim is to show young musicians how exciting new technology can be by giving them a first-hand demonstration of how one of the world's most respected electronic producers, Random Factor, uses cutting edge software and hardware to produce his live shows.

Random Factor, who's album Convergence will be 2020Visions 100th release on March 8th, will perform a live set, specifically produced for this tour, using sequencing software Ableton Live 3. Not only will the students be able to hear the music and sounds you can create using Live, they will them be given a full explanation of how they are produced by Neil Johnston.

Many 2020Vision artists are now using Live to develop their live shows, including label owner Ralph Lawson, who has been resident DJ at legendary Leeds club Back to Basics for over 13 years. Lawson has been working with 2020 artists Dubble D and Silver City in developing the label's new live project 2020Soundsystem, which demonstrates the way in which cutting edge music technology can converge with traditional instruments. The Soundsystem is half band, half DJ, featuring Lawson on Dx n Fx, Dubble D on drums and Silver City playing bass guitar and keys.

Lawson began developing the Soundsystem in January 2003 using Ableton live software, amongst others, and became increasingly excited by the creative avenues that it opened. A desire to spread the word and meeting with M-Audio's Neil Johnston then led to the organisation of this tour. Since its foundation in 1988 M-Audio has keenly supported new talent, primarily in the shape of their M-Powered Artists Program, which sponsors both known and unknown artists to help them gain wider recognition.

Dates and Venues:

Feb 2004

  • 27 Brighton, Stomphunk. Random Factor, Void, Serge Santiago, Tula.

March 2004

  • 05 London SAE Institute 11AM (incl. Live demo by Neil Johnston)
  • 06 London, fabric. 2020Soundsystem, Random factor,Craig Richards, Tristan Da Cunha.
  • 08 Liverpool SAE Institute 2PM/VIS100 release date. (incl. Live demo by Neil Johnston)
  • 08 Liverpool, The Magnet. Random Factor.
  • 09 Manchester, Manchester Midi School 2PM (incl. Live demo by Neil Johnston)
  • 10 Miami, Kent Hotel. Ralph Lawson, Fred Everything, D'Julz, Formidable Force.
  • 10 Leeds College of Music 2.30PM (incl. Live demo by Neil Johnston)
  • 12 Newcastle University Music College 2PM (incl. Live demo by Neil Johnston)
  • 12 Sunderland, Pure. Random Factor, Bobby Peru.
  • 13 Glasgow, Sub Club. Random Factor, Domenic Cappello, Harri.
  • 13 New York, Matter Form/Maison Music present Ralph Lawson.
  • 15 Glasgow, SAE Institute (incl. Live demo by Neil Johnston)
  • 27 Leeds, Basics. 2020Soundsystem, Greg Wilson, Tristan Da Cunha, Andy Whittaker

April 2004

  • 02 Barcelona, City hall. Random Factor, Ralph Lawson.

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