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Ableton, Propellerhead Software and M-Audio present: Through the Wire 2 - The Workshop Tour 2003

Experience ReWire Live!

Live 2 and Reason 2.5: Perfect together! Record, mix and remix with Live 2. Synthesize sounds, sample, control effects and sequence with Reason 2.5.

Control Live and Reason with M-Audio's easy-to-use MIDI/USB controllers Oxygen 8, Ozone, Radium 49 and the one of a kind Surface One. Trigger loops, control virtual instruments and mix in realtime.

M-Audio's audio interfaces insure highest quality sound performance on every platform.

Check out the new Fire Wire 410, Audiophile USB, and M-Audio's active monitoring solutions BX5 and BX8.

Take your music production anywhere you want. More than ever before, seamlessly combine your stage and studio environments.

Visit Ableton, M-Audio and Propellerhead Software on the German workshop tour:

22.04 17 to 20 hrs Walldorf Session Music

24.04 17 to 20 hrs Stuttgart Music Center

25.04 15 to 19 hrs München Music Shop

09.05 all day Berlin Just Studio/Kulturbrauerei

10.05 all day Berlin Just Studio/Kulturbrauerei

14.05 16 to 19 hrs Frankfurt Cream Music

15.05 16 to 20 hrs Burgebrach Musikhaus Thomann

Sat, May 17: 11 to 14 hrs Hamburg Amptown

19.05 16 to 19 hrs Hamburg M & M Trading

21.05 18.30 to 21.30 Braunschweig Wyrwas Tonstudiotechnik

22.05 17 to 20 hrs Hannover PPC

23.05 15 to 19 hrs Ibbenbüren Musik Produktiv

24.05 12 to 16 hrs Köln Music Store

31.05 all day VST Days Berlin Kulturbrauerei

01.06 all day VST Days Berlin Kulturbrauerei

Please contact your local dealer for reservations.

For more information, visit:,

The workshop tour is presented in cooperation with DJ-Magazine.