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Ableton designer gear

For the designer gear series, Ableton releases garments and accessories created by innovative designers from around the world. The inspiration for each item is the designer's understanding of Ableton's products and culture. All items are exclusively designed for Ableton and will be produced in limited editions.

The first design in the series is called Timeline and is limited to 100 record bags and 50 T-shirts available in both black and white. Timeline was created by the design collective Pfadfinderei.

Through an unconventional mix of graphic and video work, the Berlin-based design group Pfadfinderei attempts to explore all possible interfaces between paper, screen and sound in order to enable the world to "see between the lines" again. Their work spans various media, including flyer, record and logo design, video production and stage design. Equally influenced by both Hip Hop and electronic music, Pfadfinderei's aesthetic shows a definite affinity towards vector graphics. The group is particularly interested in showing the interplay between video and music, an investigation it plans to continue and develop. As vjs in several Berlin clubs, Pfadfinderei members play with the connections between graphics, videos and dance music.

"We bring to life an imaginary world ruled by graphics, pictures and music where no child suffers, everyone supports everyone else and there is always enough graphics to eat and look at for all human beings of every color".

Have a look at the Pfadfinderei shirts and bags in our web shop.