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Free Version of PowerFX Sample CD with purchase of Live 2

From now on, Live2 is shipping with a free specially compiled PowerFX's Sample CD with over 500 MB of free Samples and Loops plus an online account and 10 free Downloads with PowerFX downloadable library.

PowerFX is a leading sound development innovator and content provider specializing in sampling products and sound effects. PowerFX is rapidly becoming THE source for everyone from top artists and producers to hobby musicians and home video enthusiasts. What they all have in common is the need for diverse, high quality loops, samples and even multisamples available anytime they need them, in a wide variety of formats. PowerFX has the solution to everyone's needs, downloadable samples, cd-roms, sample packs - produced by the premier developer's in the sound/sample industry. But it's not only artists and hobbyists that come to PowerFX. They've provided sounds for software innovators such as: Ableton, Apple, Cakewalk, Sonic Foundry, Mark Of The Unicorn, Propellerheads, Steinberg, Bias, Denon, IK Multimedia, Visiosonic, Voice Crystal, TC Electronics, Mobile Avenue and the list goes on.