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Les Siestes Electroniques

July 20 - 27 and August 3rd, 2003
Toulouse, France

You can enjoy your nap laying on the grass, listening to today's best electronica. "Les siestes électroniques" is a festival about calm electronic music. It spreads out over three weekends by the end of july. In the afternoon, concerts are played outside and are free.

"les siestes électroniques" unfolds in Toulouse, south of France. The festival takes place in the park of the museum of contemporary art. With its modern design and architecture, this location suits perfectly the event.

Featuring labels such as Fat Cat, Leaf, Morr Music...the programme aims to cover the multiple sounds that make electronica.

Christian Kleine presents Live 2.0

Friday July 25, 18hrs

Co-producer with Thaddeus Herrmann, he also releases albums under his own name on Morr Music and City Centre Offices working on a break beat influenced by an atmospheric background. Today's leading artist, he is also in charge of Ableton technical support. Christian will present Live 2 within the festival this henceforth famous software in the Museum of Contemporary art of Toulouse.

Herrmann & Kleine

Morr Music, Germany

Sunday, July 27, 16hrs

Trough their lush melodies perfectly mixed in with infectious hip hop beats and a beautiful underlying atmosphere, Herrmann & Kleine will represent the very appreciated label Morr Music. We are also really proud to welcome these two artists as great ambassadors from berlin-based electronic culture. Thaddeus is indeed a journalist at De:Bug and co-manager of the label City Centre Offices while Christian develops state of the art electronic music software at Ableton.

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