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Ableton Designer Gear Pt.2: Jan Rikus Hillmann

For its Designer Gear series, Ableton is releasing garments and accessories created by innovative designers from around the world. The inspiration for each item is the designer's own understanding of Ableton's products and culture. All items are exclusively designed for Ableton and will be produced in limited editions.

The second release in the series is called Slogan. It was created by the Berlin-based designer Jan Rikus Hillmann, and is limited to 100 T-shirts per design.

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Jan Rikus Hillmann works as a designer and author in Berlin. While always aiming for visual simplicity, his main artistic interest is the intersection of form, content and humor. His long experience as an interdisciplinary designer in both digital and analogue media has characterized Rikus as a creator of visual conception, interaction and interface, as well as editorial design. Rikus is co-founder and art director of De:Bug, newspaper for the electronic aspects of life. The newspaper is one of his serious hobbies, along with giving color, form and relevance to record and CD covers, club flyers, websites and other wonderful, colorful stuff communicative people like you sometimes need.

Rikus uses Ableton Live software because rave is back.


Read more about Rikus Hillmann at: (german language)