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Ableton on the Road in France

During March and April, our french distributor SCV Audio will be on the road presenting Live in all major french cities. Looking forward to see you there!

Tour Dates are:

01-03 Home Studio, Paris

04-03 Univers Sons, Paris

11-03 Piano Tech, Grenoble

12-03 Studio Shop, Lyon

13-04 Scotto Musique, Marseille

14-03 SB Musique, Nice

18-03 Music Paradis, Tours

19-03 Soft Music, Bordeaux

20-03 Espace Claviers, Bordeaux

26-03 Aux Guitares, Mulhouse

27-03 Data Music, Besancon

28-03 Web Bros, Dijon

01-04 Massena Musique, Lille

02-04 Royez Musik, Amiens

03-04 Access Music, Paris

04-04 Blatin Diffusion, Clermont Ferrand

15-04 Home Studio 87, Limoges

16-04 Mix Experience, Toulouse

17-04 RedStart, Perpignan

22-04 - Playback, Paris

23-04 - Star's Music, Paris

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