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"My first Live..."

"Hi Christian,

The photos show our music teacher using Live to teach children aged from 11-13 years about making their own music. He has been talking to them about how different sounds can create different moods. He has given them examples of multi track tunes and discussed how by gradually introducing new layers you can build up a tune that has a natural rhythm and sound.

The students will be using their songs in Performing Arts to create a music video that goes with it. To do this they have to have decided on some sort of message or feeling that they want to get across with music and images.

The children have found Live very easy to understand and use. Some of them are recording their own voice samples and adding them to their music. Some have also begun writing their own loops by zooming in on the sequencer and sequencing the individual sounds. Overall the use of Live in our school has been a great success with children producing some very good songs. They are especially excited about being the first school kids to be using Live let alone the first New Zealanders!!"