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Live 2 available

After a long period of concentrated development and optimization we are releasing the long awaited Live 2, a major upgrade of Live 1.5 for Mac OS9, Mac OSX, and Windows. Special thanks go out to our beta testers, who not only helped us find and fix bugs, but who's enthusiasm has truely cheered us up in this intense period of work.

To learn more about Live 2, please click here.

Buying Live 2

Live 2 is available worldwide via Ableton's distributor network; from selected German dealers; or online from the Ableton web shop for EUR 399/USD 399.

Upgrading to Live 2

Upgrades from older Live versions are available here at You can choose between a download-only version (EUR 69/USD 69) and a boxed version (EUR 89/USD 89). The boxed version includes a printed copy of the new Live 2 manual by Gerhard Behles and Craig Anderton. If you prefer the boxed version, you won't have to wait for the package to arrive: you can download the software upgrade right away and start playing! Click here to upgrade.

What's New in Live 2?

Live 2 enhances the performance and jamming features of the original software and also adds multi-track recording and editing with "Elastic Audio". Version 2 turns Live into a comprehensive studio recording and editing tool.

Elastic Audio

  • Selectable warping modes for clean stretching of all types of audio
  • Recordable tempo changes and a continous tempo envelope
  • Tempo tapping
  • Ability to bypass time-stretching for individual clips or recordings

New Comprehensive Studio Tool

  • Easy, tape-style multitrack recording with punch in/out and metronome
  • Super-fast arranger navigation
  • Better handling of non-looping clips
  • Improved automation handling and editing for fast parameter access
  • Enhanced file management

Smarter Jamming

  • Relative Session Mapping
  • DJ-mixer-like crossfading between tracks
  • Full screen mode allowing more space for Live
  • Improved Prelisten/Solo functionality


  • Presets can now save and recall effect settings
  • Loads of ready-to-go presets for all Live effects
  • New Gate and Redux effects

And lots more...

  • New Bus View with input gains and mono/stereo selectors
  • Improved mixer UI - makes more tracks visible on screen
  • Dedicated Input Monitoring/Recording buttons in each track
  • Map Tempo and Transport controls to MIDI or keyboard
  • Reception of MIDI from multiple ports
  • Bug Fixes and performance optimisation