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In December of this year Ableton will release the new version of Live: Live 2!

More news will be posted on this website soon, but please read the text below that should provide you with a first glance at Live 2.

Introduced one year ago as the first audio sequencer to be played like an instrument in live performances, Live was quickly embraced by studio musicians and post production professionals because of the swiftness and ease with which they could realize musical ideas. Version 2 develops the original concept to a new level: with enhancements to the performance and jamming features of the original software and a full-blown multi-track recording and editing suite included, Live 2 is the first sequencer that treats audio truly as elastic matter.

Live 2 allows for the recording of unlimited takes of audio on an unlimited number of tracks, directly into the arrangement or into the session view. The tempo can be set, or tapped, at any time during recording, performance, or playback. Tempo changes are recordable and editable as a continuous curve.

Combining audio from diverse sources in Live 2 is a simple matter of drag-and-drop: recordings from other sessions, loops, or entire pieces of music will play at the set or tapped, tempo, direct from disk. Time stretching is no longer limited to rhythm loops but can now be applied to any kind of audio material; Live 2 introduces a number of new stretching algorithms that allow for stretching the tempo or pitch with exceptional flexibility and fidelity.

With enhancements to the handling of automation, unlooped, and unstretched audio, Live 2 turns the arranger view into a full blown multi-track recording and editing suite which can be quickly and easily operated. File management has also been improved to keep together related files, and to automatically detect obsolete ones.

Have a first glance at the new Arranger View.

The growing community of DJs using Live will not be alone in making use of the cross fader that has been incorporated into Live 2's Session View. There are also refined MIDI and computer key mappings available for session playing: assignable scene advance and track launch buttons help navigating large sets via a MIDI controller box and all transport and tempo controls can now be freely assigned.

Have a first glance at the Session View.

Good news from the effects section: presets are now available for saving and recalling effect settings. Live 2 introduces the new Gate and Redux effects and adds more filter modes to the Auto Filter.

And that's not all: the mixer now offers both a classical solo mode and a prefade-listening mode, the bus view now has mono/stereo selectors and a gain setting for the inputs and MIDI can be received from multiple inputs. Live's acclaimed user interface has been improved: for instance, one can run Live2 in full-screen mode, making full use of all the available real estate.

In bringing you Live 2, Ableton has made recording, assembling, and improvising with audio even faster, easier and more fun.

When will Live 2 be available?

Ableton is presently conducting extensive testing and finalizing Live 2. We will release Live 2 within December 2002. At the day of release we will also make available the upgrade from Live 1.5 ( as well as from Live's first version) to Live 2 on our website.


Current Live users will of course be able to upgrade their version of Live to Live 2. Starting at the day or release, these users will have the choice between a downloadable upgrade or a boxed upgrade. The boxed upgrade will more expensive than the downloadable upgrade (see pricing below).

Since we need to check serial number information, the complete upgrade process will be handled via the Ableton website. Upgrades will not be sold through our dealers.

As soon as you complete the upgrade process on our website, you will immediately receive your new serial number as well as the possibility to download the upgrade right away. If you choose to order a boxed upgrade, your order will be sent shortly after it has been placed. In both cases you will be ready to work with Live 2 right away!


Live 2 will cost EUR 399 (including VAT) or USD 399 in the USA. Please note that these are Manufacturer Suggested Retail Prices (MSRP). Prices in stores may differ.

  • Live or Live 1.5 to Live 2 non-boxed upgrade (download only): EUR 69/USD 69. Non-boxed upgrade comes with a complete 2.0 manual as a pdf and an online manual.
  • Live or Live 1.5 to Live 2 upgrade (boxed version): EUR 89/USD 89. Boxed upgrade comes with a printed version of the 2.0 manual.

Please click here for a special free upgrade offer for new Live users!