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Joey Paranoia (Orlando, FL)

Joey Petersen, aka Joey Paranoia, is a producer, DJ, and Ableton specialist with over ten years of experience in both clubs and radio. He first became involved with Ableton Live in 2005, and today he uses it as the centerpiece of his all his studio work and live performances. He specializes in creating custom production and live performance templates for DJs and bands alike. With a global list of clients, he is known for successfully syncing multiple computers, all running Ableton Live, and incorporating live instrument sampling, vocalists and visuals. Whether DJing, producing, or creating sound design for film, Joey likes to keep himself busy working in many facets of the music industry.

He hosts smileRADIO, a show in which he focuses on Ableton Live and features Ableton artists from across the globe discussing gear and playing mix tapes and live on-air interviews. As the head of the Ableton Live User Group Orlando he runs monthly workshops and clinics with Ableton Live, covering all aspects from advanced music production to DJing and VJing. He offers one-on-one training along with group classes for up to ten students.


Please note: All Ableton Certified Trainers are not employed by Ableton. They are solely responsible for their own course offerings and curricula.