What are automatic updates? How does this work?

  • Liveバージョン: 8.3 - 9
  • オペレーティングシステム: ALL

As of Live 8.3, updates are automatically downloaded and installed. Instead of manually installing the latest Live update from time to time, you'll have one Ableton Live 8 installed that keeps itself up to date automatically.

If 8.3 is your initial Live installation, automatic updates are already enabled. If you install Live 8.3 as an update, please confirm when starting Live for the first time:

Enable Updates


Updates are now very small files. If an internet connection is established, available updates will be downloaded when Live is started. The previous version will remain running until Live is closed, but the updated version will be launched automatically the next time you start Live.

Every change to Live initially passes through a large suite of automated tests, gets tested internally and is then used by beta testers for several thousand hours before it gets released as a final update. This way, we try to ensure that only improvements reach you.

If you're not comfortable with Live updating without asking you, we recommend disabling the automatic update option. You can always download and install updates manually. You'll find installers for the latest version in your user account on the Ableton website.

Automatic update settings can be changed in the preferences.

If Live isn't automatically updating, please check what you can do to make it work.