After upgrading, Live still starts as Lite or Intro version, although I downloaded and installed the appropriate Live or Suite version.

  • Liveバージョン: 1 - 9
  • オペレーティングシステム: ALL


After upgrading to Live/Suite and launching the version I downloaded and installed, Live still always comes up as Lite or Intro version. 


The Live version that is launched is defined by the authorization in your user account, and not by the Live installer.


Re-authorize Live:

  • Open Live's Preferences
  • Show the "Licenses / Maintenance" tab
  • Click "Authorize at"
  • Select the appropriate license in your user account

Additional Information

When installing a new Live version, the current authorization is applied automatically. Read more on this here: If I delete Live and reinstall, will I need to authorize/unlock again?

Under very rare circumstances, Live might not switch to the correct full version immediately after authorizing. In this case, simply quitting Live and your web browser and starting Live again will bring up the correct version.