Installing Live 9.1 and later

  • Liveバージョン: 9
  • オペレーティングシステム: ALL
  • As Live 9.0.6 will not automatically update to Live 9.1 and later versions, please download the latest installer for Live 9 from your account and install it.

  • The latest Live 9 version will take over your preferences, authorization and library from a previous installation. You can safely remove previous versions of Live 9 before or after the installation of the latest Live 9.

  • For Max for Live users, please also download the most recent Max version from your account and install it. This will replace your existing Max installation with the most recent version.
Screen Shot 2013-11-26 at 2.31.47 PM.png

Your account page

  • Lastly, also make sure to install the most recent version of the Max for Live essentials pack. Simply double-click the Livepack after the download completed, and it will update your installation.