SAE Institute Athens

  • Athens Greece

Since its establishment in 1998, SAE Athens has been well known in Greece for its commitment to excellence both in theoretical and practical training. The highly qualified SAE staff focuses strongly on the students' educational goals and career aspirations. SAE Athens offers the Audio Engineering Program (diploma), the Electronic Music Production course (EMP) and the DJ Certificate.


Moreover, SAE Athens offers, for the first time in Greece, a dedicated crash course for Ableton Live.

During this dedicated course, students will learn in depth all the techniques and tools that make Ableton Live such a useful and unique tool for sequencing, production, live performance and DJing. In order to attend the course, students must be experienced with digital audio, MIDI theory and equipment, audio signal processors (EQs, dynamics, effects) and audio desk signal flow. This kind of knowledge can be achieved by successfully attending SAE's Electronic Music Production Course or Audio Engineering Diploma. The course is presented in three classes per week--two theoretical classes and one practical workshop. During the practical workshops, students "get in touch" with the software and are guided by the certified trainer using the school's computers. There is unlimited time available for students to use the school's workstations and studios, in order to proceed with the course's practical exercises.

Curriculum Abstract

  • Ableton Live overview and Session View/Arrangement View explanation
  • Understanding Clips, Slots and Scenes
  • Jamming in Session View with Follow Actions, envelopes and launch modes
  • Setting up audio and MIDI preferences
  • Creative usage of audio effects (Beat Repeat, Saturator, Vocoder, Looper and more)
  • Live Instruments (Drum Racks, Operator, Analog, Sampler, Instrument Racks)
  • Recording and manipulating audio and MIDI (Warping, Grooves, cc editing, using external instruments)
  • Arrangement techniques and automation in Arrangement View
  • File management
  • Setting up Ableton Live for stage
  • Setup and usage of Launchpad, APC 40/20

Course duration: One month, three classes per week

Class size: 16 students

SAE Athens
Korai 2, Moschato
183 45 Athens

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