Kai Yu Huang aka. fish.the

  • Taipei 台湾

Kai Yu has been playing with synths, making music and DJing since 1988. In 2001 He wrote the "2001 Electronic Dance Music Bible" with 4 friends, notable because it's the first book about dance music written in Chinese. In 2003, at the Mandarin-speaking world's equivalent of the Oscars, Kai Yu won the Golden Horse Award for "Best Original Music for Film" together with Lim Giong. 黃凱宇 1988 開始 DJ. 曾合著第一本中文電音參考書 " 2001 電子舞曲聖經" . 2003 年和林強合作 "千禧漫波 " 電影原聲帶, 兩人共同獲得金 馬獎最佳原創電影音樂.

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Currently, Kai Yu performs live with Ableton Live, Push and M4L visuals (as fish.the ). He's also member of San-Sheng-Xian-Yi super group.

In 2014, Kai Yu founded the "Crash Course Electronic Music", a group focused on teaching electronic music to aspiring musicians. He has also taught "Computer Music in Practice" at Chung Yuan University, since 2007.
黃凱宇是 "電子音樂突刺班" 創始人, 並在中原大學教 "數位音樂實務" (2007 至今).

Kai Yu teaches group and one-on-one lessons for: 1) Ableton Live for beginners, 2) Push 2 in-depth, 3) Integrating synths and controllers with Ableton Live, 4) Advanced DJing, music-making, remixing and live performance techniques, and more.
黃凱宇教: 1) Live 入門, 2) Push 2, 3) 合成器和控制器整合, 4) 進階 DJ, 創作, Remix 和演出.

Kai Yu has three years of experience working for the Ableton, Novation and Korg Taiwan distributor (2011-2014).
有三年 Ableton 台灣代理工作經驗

WeChat ID: fish_the

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