Devotion Gallery

  • New York City NY United States

Devotion is owned and operated by artists, musicians, thinkers, and teachers. We know from experience that tools and skills are integral to expression. Not only are we good at our crafts, but we also take pride in our deep knowledge of the technology used in our creations. We are professional students - always honing our skills - and love to teach.


We are professional students -- always honing our skills -- and love to teach. Our experienced instructors specialize in music production, sound design, synthesis, visual design, creative software development, circuit bending, creative process, audio engineering, music theory, and more. Class sizes are very small, so students can expect a high-quality learning experience.

Devotion emphasizes the integration of technology, community, and creativity, and all of our classes are designed with these facets in mind. Devotion's education program is directed by Brian Jackson, M.A. one of the very first Ableton Certified Trainers (2008). Numerous Ableton Live courses and workshops are offered for users of all levels, from novice to working professional. For those interested in Max/MSP/Jitter and Max For Live, we have two former Cycling'74 employees as instructors. The space is equipped with high-quality professional reference monitors, and each student workstation is up to date with an assortment of the latest software and hardware.

Located on the Williamsburg / Bushwick border in Brooklyn, NY,  Devotion is an arts, technology, and education organization  with two distinct but interrelated programs - Devotion Learn, and Devotion Gallery.  Devotion Learn is the first and only Ableton Certified Training Center in Brooklyn.  We offer courses and workshops that educate aspiring creatives on the uses of computer-centric music, audio, and visual media technologies. Devotion Learn, in addition to its standard courses, is able to support lectures and workshops by visiting artists on topics relevant to their Gallery shows. Devotion Gallery offers space and resources for artists to explore creative uses of new technology, and then presents the results of their work via public exhibitions. As a result, Devotion is in the unique position to support, educate, entertain, and inspire–simultaneously.

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