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Josh Hogan

  • Perth WA Australia

Josh is a composer, sound designer, and music producer who has composed for film, games, live theatre, and dance. He uses Ableton Live to make music, mixing acoustic and world music with folk and sounds both organic and derived from electronica.

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Josh’s musical and sonic creations span the worlds of pop, classical, world, and experimental music. Ableton Live and Max for Live have been at the heart of Josh's workflow in a range of contexts since 2007. These include live sound design for Opera, director and bandleader for shows that use acoustic instruments alongside Live, as well as composition, production, and sound design.

Notable credits include composer for the hit iPad game Skoolbo (the world’s largest educational app), sound designer for the film Factory 293 and the Opera Into the Shimmer Heat. He is co-writer and producer for the electro-folk outfit Joni in the Moon.

Josh has worked as a teacher for the past 13 years, both as a lecturer in sound production and as a instrumental music teacher. With a background in classical and world music, and as one of Australia’s most recognised young percussionists, he holds a Bachelor of Music in Performance. He currently lectures in Cert III, Cert IV, and Diploma level sound production at the West Coast Institute of Technology, covering a wide range of subjects in music, sound design, and audio post-production. He also runs Noisemaker Academy, who run Ableton Production courses in Perth and online.

Josh specialises in creating, composing, and making noise with Ableton Live. He also loves to teach tinkering under the bonnet of Live with Max for Live.

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