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BIMM Hamburg

  • Hamburg Germany

BIMM Institute (formerly known as British and Irish Modern Music Institute) is a group of eight independent colleges with over 6,500 students that specialise in the provision of BIMM education in Brighton, Bristol, Dublin, Birmingham, Manchester, Berlin, Hamburg and London.

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BIMM Institute is Europe’s leading music college and offers a wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate courses. All courses are taught in English by expert lecturers in high-class facilities. BIMM students benefit from industry work experience due to close industry connections to partners such as labels, booking agencies etc.

BIMM Institute Hamburg offers various Bachelor Degree Courses in Songwriting, Professional Musicianship Music & Sound Production, Electronic Music Production and Music Marketing, Media & Communication. In addition to the high level academic courses, which are all validated by the University of Sussex or BIMM Institute, the college provides some short courses in the fields of music production and songwriting.

BIMM Institute Hamburg is located in the Medienbunker Feldstr. in Hamburg St. Pauli, where you will find some hi-class teaching and performance facilities.

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