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big brain audio

  • Berlin Germany

big brain audio is a small, boutique-style environment ideal for concentrated learning in a friendly and open structure. Our way of teaching is to focus on developing confidence in using the tools for realizing your creative potential.

English, French, German
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We do not put our energy into building diploma and certificate programs; we are solely focused on helping you develop the skills you need for your own music composition and performance.

Our courses range from "Ableton Kickstart" and "Push Starter" workshops to classes involving advanced production and sound design techniques using Ableton Live. All of our workshops take place on the weekend, attracting international musicians from throughout Europe. Although the workshops are held in English, our tutors are also fluent (or native) in a number of other European languages, including German and French. big brain audio also organizes specialized one-to-one courses for individuals.

The big brain audio classroom consists of individual iMac workstations equipped with Ableton Live Suite, a full MIDI keyboard controller, and Ableton Push. The weekend workshops take place in an accessible and highly attractive "Kiez" in the Crellestraße in Berlin-Schöneberg.

More information: bigbrainaudio.com

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