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Bertrand Maillot

  • Paris France

Trained as a percussionist, Bertrand studied with Jacques Mercier and Philippe Macé at the CNR in Tours. Thereafter he played in classical and contemporary orchestras for about a dozen years, including the Philharmonic Orchestra of the Loire, the Paris opera, the 2E2M Ensemble, theaters in Tours, Nantes Angers, Caen, Reims...

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He also played in various jazz groups including the group "Impression" led by François Couturier, as well as the German French Jazz Ensemble alongside Albert Mangelsdorff, Jean-François Jenny-Clark and Jean-Louis Chautemps.

In the 80's Bertrand discovered the use of computers in music, and since then he has considered this tool as an extension of traditional instrument manufacturing and finds it an irreplaceable part in his musical projects. Nowadays he composes for film, live events and above all, theater and ballet. He has been teaching courses on most professional software at CMI for several years, and is specialized in Logic Studio and Live, both of which he is certified in.

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