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Andrew Luck

  • Seattle Washington États-Unis

Fascinated with technology and learning, Andrew explores new ways to grok tough topics and integrate the best approaches to discovering the science of sound and art in music. His educational experience ranges from 10-week courses to one-on-one sessions.

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Andrew is a Seattle-based Ableton Live trainer, artist and learning researcher. He began creating beats and music with Live in 2003 and has since used Live on stage and for recording. With a background in DJing, Andrew is an aficionado first, and a creator second.  His musical style spans from breakbeat, dubstep, jungle, funk and bass music to house, techno and ambient.

Music technology fuels Andrew’s curiosity. He is excited by innovative musical interfaces, ambisonics and interactive installations. Andrew asks, “How can we make music, sound and technology experiences explorative, social, interactive and intuitive?”

His curricula can be found at CreativeLive, Seattle Public Schools, and more. Successful courses include week-long intensive workshops, full 10-week semester programs, and pop up events. Andrew offers both group and individual sessions.

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