Take the next creative step and save 20% on a Crossgrade to Max 8

If you already own Max for Live separately or as part of Live 10 Suite, now is a great time to crossgrade to the full version of Max 8.

Get Max 8 for only USD 159.

Unlock more Power and Possibilities

The full version of Max won’t change your existing Max for Live workflow. Just download the latest version of Max 8 from Cycling ‘74, and update Live’s preferences to use your newly downloaded copy of Max. You'll instantly unlock powerful new capabilities for Max for Live, and the ability to use Max to go beyond the DAW.

Create and Edit with Gen

Gen is a visual DSP toolbox for designing filters and effects at the single sample level. Powering some of the most popular and innovative Max for Live devices including Bengal, Oscillot, and Dub Machines, Gen is both accessible and capable of professional quality performance and precision.

"At first I only saw Gen as a way to build single sample feedback loops suitable for physical models and complex filter design. But then I noticed that coding in Gen is incredibly powerful and fun in a much, much wider sense. Some sort of RISC version of Max inside Max." - Robert Henke, Audiovisual Artist and Developer

Explore New Dimensions of Sound Design with MC

MC is a new feature of Max 8 that makes it dramatically easier to work with multiple channels of audio. With MC, connecting, controlling and mixing hundreds of samples, plug-ins or synth voices becomes simple and intuitive. Adding small variations to multiple channels of audio opens the door to rich and complex sounds. For example, you can apply subtle frequency randomization to a bank of oscillators to create a shimmering cloud effect.

Become a Creative Coder

Max is a refined and comprehensive programming environment with a long history of supporting innovative projects. Max is not just audio software; it’s been extended to connect to pretty much everything, from OpenGL to Node.js and beyond. With the full version of Max, you’ll be able to turn your creations into standalone applications that you can distribute to anyone. Get full hardware support with up to 1024 channels of audio I/O, and the ability to develop patches on machines without a Live install.  

Terms and Conditions

For the duration of Ableton’s current sale, a crossgrade to Max is available to both owners of Max for Live and Live 10 Suite at a 20% discount at the Cycling ‘74 website.