How do I return my Push 1 for the trade-in?

Your Push 2 order will come with packaging materials and a pre-paid return label that can be used to pack and return your Push 1. More instructions will be included in the box, as well being available online here:

How do I return my Push 1 for the Trade-in?

If I don't like Push 2, can I return it?

You can return Push 2 as long as your purchase is within our returns period and the unit is returned in new condition.

Please contact Support with details of your order.

When should I send back my Push 1?

Push 1 should be sent back after Push 2 arrives. You can use the packaging and pre-paid return label that comes with your new Push delivery for this return. Please be sure to do this within 14 days of your new Push delivery.

More specific details for returning your Push 1 unit are available here.

I represent an educational institution, how do we apply to receive Push 1 units?

Please see this article for information about how your educational institution can apply for a Push 1 unit.