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July 10th, 2003

Ableton announces Live 2.1

Version 2.1 opens the world of Live to Digidesign users and brings full ReWire support to OS X.

Berlin, Germany - July 7, 2003 — Ableton today announced the upcoming release of Live 2.1, a new upgrade of their award-winning sequencing instrument for Mac OS 9, Mac OS X, and Windows. The software, which is now available for public beta testing from, is scheduled for release as a free download for registered Live 2 users by the end of July. New Features include:

  • Under Mac OS X, Live 2.1 can connect via ReWire to Pro Tools, Digital Performer, Cubase, Nuendo and Logic. This upgrade completes Live's full ReWire implementation as a ReWire Master and ReWire Slave application under Windows, Mac OS 9, and Mac OS X.
  • Live 2.1 includes Direct I/O support, offering integration with the complete range of Digidesign audio hardware.
  • On the Macintosh, Live 2.1 now reads samples in Sound Designer II format.

Live is a digital audio workstation that can be played like an instrument. Since its introduction in 2001, Live was quickly embraced by studio musicians and post-production professionals because of the swiftness and ease with which they could sketch out musical ideas and edit them to perfection.

"Ableton's Live 2.1 provides entirely new and creative ways to work with loop-based material, as well as cool beat warping and effects processing," says Dave Lebolt, general manager of Digidesign. "By combining the creative recording, editing, mixing and processing capabilities of Pro Tools with Live's world, streamed in via ReWire, you get a giant 'feel factory' to work with to create massive grooves and compositions. Any musician (me included) will be excited."

"We are excited to open up the world of Live to Digidesign's customers. ReWire provides a perfect link into the work flow of Pro Tools users, and Direct I/O connects Live to the finest pro audio hardware in the market place." says Gerhard Behles, CEO and founder of Ableton.

Many high profile musicians and artists use Live on stage or in studio production. A lot of them have been eagerly awaiting the integration of Live, Pro-Tools and the Digidesign hardware. Here are some of their comments on the release of Live 2.1.

Carmen Rizzo, (Producer / Remixer / Live and Pro Tools User)

"I run Pro Tools, it is my main application that everything ends up in. Once ReWire works in Pro Tools, they can finally talk to rest of the world. Once Pro Tools does ReWire you will see Live in every Pro Tools session!"

Kirk Degiorgio (Producer / DJ / Live and Pro Tools User)

"The link with Pro Tools via ReWire will be very interesting... Pro Tools is my main midi sequencer and audio recorder, so having my favorite DJ/live tool synchronized will be very useful... I can see myself using Live's looping and plug-ins on my own material and remixes and feeding the results into Pro Tools to edit afterwards..."

Billy Bush (Engineer / Programmer for Garbage / Live and Pro Tools User)

"I would LOVE if Live runs together with Digidesign hardware or ReWire to Pro Tools - it would be miraculous to be able to route the audio from Live directly into Pro Tools and have it lock with the Pro Tools playback... It would make for such a powerful mobile system!"

About Ableton

Ableton's function is to develop modern software technology that empowers and inspires creative people. Since the company started in 1999, more than twenty developers and business professionals have joined Ableton--many of them active musicians or DJs. The company has received outstanding press and customer feedback since the launch of Live in October 2001.

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