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SAE Milan: DJ course and certificate in Max/MSP and Max for Live

SAE Milan is introducing two new pro-level courses of interest to Live users: a course in DJing, in which students can earn a certificate in DJ techniques, and a course on Max/MSP and Max for Live.

The DJing course begins April 6 and focuses on both traditional and digital mixing techniques, controllerism and the basics of recording and audio engineering. Each student will receive a copy of Live 8 and benefit from more than sixty hours of DJ theory and open practice. The course is taught by Ableton Certified Trainer Marcello Ruggiu. Ableton product specialist Giancarlo Lanza will also drop by to share techniques, assist and advise.

The Max/MSP and Max for Live course begins May 3. After providing an in-depth overview of the Max programming environment, the course will cover the main features of MSP, such as synthesis, audio processing, real-time processing, audio sync, OSC, WI-FI and sensors, and audio and video sync (Jitter). The course includes in-class lectures and practical workshops, guiding students through the creation of "objects," MIDI interfaces, audio-video installations, plug-in creation and virtual instruments. New features of Max For Live will be explored, with the aim of developing the student's ability to program devices for Ableton Live. The course is supported by Ableton and is taught by Ableton Certified Trainers.

SAE Institute Milan is a Certified Ableton Training Center.

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