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Ableton, Puma and Low End Theory sponsor music showcase and clinic

On Wednesday, November 4, at the Low End Theory Club in Los Angeles, top beat-makers from the Low End Theory circuit will gather to perform live and compete for special prizes from Puma. Guests will have the opportunity to get involved in the beat showcase by participating in the judging process and will be treated to free giveaways from Puma along with special offers. Before the showcase, Ableton will host an exclusive beat-making and product demonstration clinic, led by Thavius Beck, that will include product giveaways, special offers and exclusive announcements. Product demonstration stations will give guests an exclusive hands-on experience with the new Novation LaunchPad controller designed specifically for Ableton Live. Odyssey Innovative Designs will also be on-site, showcasing popular mobile accessories and offering special giveaways. In addition, New York-based electronic music production school DubSpot will provide workshop giveaways and special offers for their "Live 8 US Sessions Tour."

About the venue: Founded by Daddy Kev of Alpha Pup Records, Low End Theory Club has succeeded in single-handedly thrusting the LA beat-scene onto the worldwide stage. So what better venue for this event?

Wednesday, November 4, 2009
8:00 PM, pre-show beat-making clinic
10:00 PM, Ableton Beat Showcase at Low End Theory

The Airliner
2419 N. Broadway Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90031

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