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Puremagnetik hosts New York Ableton Live User Group

The April and May meetings of the New York Ableton Live User Group will be managed and hosted by Micah Frank, of Puremagnetik.

The April meeting will feature a performance and Q & A with Gregory Shiff, an original and dynamic experimentalist in electronic music. Shiff has recorded for a wide range of labels such as Persona, LoFi Stereo, and Bedrock. His live shows have rocked crowds across the globe, from Europe to Australia and the United States, infusing dance floors with "uplifting but resolutely underground techno" (DJ Mag). After an early interest in classical guitar and atonal orchestral music, Shiff's enthusiasm for electronic landscapes and pulsing rhythms led him to Berklee College of Music, where he studied synthesis and composed his early recordings. In 2007, Shiff began his own label "The Vacationist", focusing on larger scale projects in electronic music. The first of these, a four part concept series, is currently in progress. Part two, "The Ventriloquist & the Mime", is due for release at the end of May.

About Puremagnetik

Puremagnetik is a subscription download service that offers music producers, live performers and DJs an expanding catalog of innovative sounds and instrument presets. Puremagnetik designs customized sounds for music software and hardware developers and has gained noted popularity for its unique "Micropaks" for the Ableton Live platform. Each month Puremagnetik releases new Micropaks for subscriber download. Back issue Micropaks may be purchased individually from the Puremagnetik website. Please visit for more info.


Friday, April 25, 7-9pm


Downsouth (Downstairs at Southpaw)
125 Fifth Ave., Park Slope, Brooklyn

Please RSVP at