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Ableton Sponsors the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus

Ableton is proud to announce sponsorship of the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus. The Lennon Bus is a nonprofit mobile recording studio outfitted with traditional musical instruments as well as the latest in audio, video, and live sound software and hardware. Since 1998, the bus has provided free hands-on programs to hundreds of high schools, colleges, Boys and Girls Clubs, music festivals, concerts, conventions, and community organizations.

"We're pleased to get on board the bus, and bring Live to a new generation of songwriters looking to follow in John Lennon's footsteps," said Ableton co-founder and CEO, Gerhard Behles. The Lennon Bus encourages students to play music, write songs, engineer recording sessions, produce music video projects, and express themselves artistically.

The interior of the bus is divided into two separate recording environments. The front studio offers the chance to participate in the creation of multi-media projects. Audio and video components are demonstrated, with visitors assisting in the recording and editing of original material. The back studio is a more traditional set-up for bands and the remote recording of concerts and special events. It features a full range of instruments including guitars, basses, keyboards, and drums. An onboard P.A. system facilitates live performances from a stage on the side of the bus.

For a video of the bus in action, click here.

The first stop in 2006 will be at MacWorld in San Francisco, followed by Winter NAMM in Anaheim. To catch Ableton Live onboard the John Lennon Educational Tour Bus in a location near you, check out or sign up to the Ableton newsletter and stay tuned.