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German Live seminar with Sascha Wild

Live Seminar Weekends, Germany. Sascha Wild will be demonstrating the possibilities of Ableton's Live for stage performance, DJing, recording and production. Come and experience two days of learning, producing, mingling and exchanging with Live users and musicians. The Seminar will be divided into two parts: "Live on Stage" and "Music Production with Live".


Frankfurt a. M./ Kunsthalle Schirn 23. - 25.01.2004

Ortenberg/ Bayerischer Wald 27. - 29.02.2004 (The seminar bears a charge)


Live on Stage

"Live on stage" shows solutions for DJs, musicians and sound artists who want to create a flexible work environment for live electronic and loop-based performance on stage. This seminar is structured in two parts: The first part will cover playing your live set using flexible routing, monitoring and MIDI remote settings; the second part will cover programming beats for Live and remixing and rewiring Reason.

Music Production with Live

"Music Production with Live" has its focus on producing and arranging loop-based tracks by using the real-time audio functions of Live in a creative musical way. Creating loops by recording audio, making various patterns using time stretching and pitch shifting, creating unique sounds with Live plug-ins and resampling and rewiring Live to Logic or Reason will all be subjects of this seminar.

For more information, fees and a German version of this text, please go to: or download the Flyer as a PDF.

To register for the seminar, please send an e-mail to