Max for Live

CV Tools Intro

by Ableton

CV Tools Intro is a collection of three creative Max for Live devices that let you control and interact with your modular gear using Ableton Live and Push.

Included with Push 3

CV Tools Intro is a collection of devices for Push 3 and Live 11 that generate and receive Pitch, Control, Clock and Triggers. 

Send and modulate control voltage (CV) to and from your modular setup using Push or any other compatible DC-coupled audio interface. Use Live or Push as the tempo leader or set them to follow your modular system clock.

CV Tools Intro lets you interact with your modular rig by triggering CV from Live clips, automating parameters using CV Utility, pitch tracking with a high-quality calibration system, and generating complex patterns.


CV Instrument

Control your modular system with MIDI. This device features flexible modulation and voicing options, as well as cent-accurate tuning of your oscillators.

CV Triggers

Sequence your modular drum modules from inside Live.

CV Clock Out

Send CV clock out to your modular system and sync it to Live.
Included with Push 3