Save a further 20% on the full version of Max

If you already own Max for Live separately or as part of Ableton Live 11 Suite, now’s a great time to purchase the full version of Max 8

Get Max 8 for only USD 159.

Get more out of Max, in Live and beyond

It’s easy to integrate the full version of Max into your existing workflow. Purchase the latest version of Max 8 from Cycling ’74 and update Ableton Live’s preferences to get started. The full version of Max unlocks Gen and MC editing both in Max Devices and in Max itself.

Explore Advanced DSP Design with Gen

Gen is a visual toolbox for developing filters and effects at the single-sample level – and an accessible entry point to low-level DSP programming. Under the hood, Gen produces and executes highly efficient C++ code while you patch. Powering some of the most popular and innovative Max for Live devices (including Bengal, Oscillot, and Dub Machines), Gen has become a prized tool for advanced Max Device creators.

"At first I only saw Gen as a way to build single sample feedback loops suitable for physical models and complex filter design. But then I noticed that coding in Gen is incredibly powerful and fun in a much, much wider sense. Some sort of RISC version of Max inside Max." - Robert Henke, Audiovisual Artist and Developer

Develop greater sonic detail with MC

MC combines multiple channels of audio into a single patch cord, making it much simpler to create complex soundscapes. Connecting, controlling and mixing hundreds of samples, plug-ins or synth voices becomes as easy as adding “mc.” before the name of any MSP object. MC is particularly well suited for adding small variations across multiple streams of audio – apply subtle frequency randomization to a bank of oscillators, for example, and hear a shimmering cloud effect take form.

Add RNBO to take patching to new places

NBO is a new patcher inspired by Max and purpose-built for code export. With RNBO, you can export patches to Web Audio, hardware, and portable C++ code. RNBO can even create and compile highly efficient Max objects for use in Max for Live devices. Experience RNBO in trial mode with a full Max license, and unlock all the features with the RNBO add-on.

Terms and conditions

For the duration of Ableton’s current sale, the full version of Max 8 is available to owners of Max for Live and Live 11 Suite at a 20% discount – saving 60% on the regular price – on the Cycling ‘74 website.