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Push FAQ: Pads

  • Live Versions: 9
  • Operating System: ALL

Will the population of those Pads always be done through DrumRacks?


How does one know what is on the each of the 16 lower-left pads? There doesn't seem to be a view of it on Push's screen, or is there?

The name of the last played pad shows up on the screen in Device mode (you can also silently select the pad by holding 'Select' and hitting the pad).

Can the pressure sensitivity of the pads be assigned to other things than volume (e.g. filter cut off)?

Yes, depending on which instruments you own. Operator and Sampler respond to mono (channel) aftertouch. With Max for Live, there are devices which can send pressure to any (and multiple) parameters in Live, e.g. ControlDeviceMidi from the Live 9 library.

Can the Touch Strip be assigned to other things than pitch bend?

Note that on Drum Rack tracks, the touch strip is used to select a Drum Rack bank. You can midi map it to anything in Live using the standard remote midi map. Or use the aforementioned ControlDeviceMidi Max for Live device to use it dynamically on a track.

Is it possible to control all of the assigned parameters in the step-sequencer on a per step basis? (meaning e.g.: holding a step pushed, switching to the bank "LFOs", turn the encoder "Rate" and by this change the specific rate of the LFO at this step)

Currently there is no per step automation on Push.

I see the pads are RGB, and the video shows a number of different colors, including multiple shades of blue. How many colors can they display, and is there any user control over those colors?

We are working on how many colors we can show at the moment. RGB LEDs shining through opaque rubber pads is a bit different than the RGB lights that work on your monitor, so browns and dimmer colors are harder to show, so we will do our best to optimize.

Is it possible to have the button left pads are drum rack triggers while the top 4 rows stay as clip launchers (instead of sequence steps)

Currently, no -- Session Mode (for launching clips) and Note mode (for playing drums/instruments) are discrete.

What is the size of Push drum/control pad?

We tried to have a size that was good for playing instruments with single fingers, and for playing drums with 2 fingers. The pads are 27 mm x 18 mm -- which we felt was a good compromise. 

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