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Push FAQ: General Questions

  • Live Versions: 9
  • Operating System: ALL

How is Push incorporated in Live? Is it realized with Python via the API, using drivers or directly integrated in Live?

Push is incoprorated into Live partially via the Python API. Push is class compliant though, so there is no special driver necessary.

How does Push communicate with Live? Is Push class compliant? Will it work with other software? 

Push is class compliant. It sends standard MIDI notes and CC data and will therefore also work with other software. However, the Drum and Note entry features are handled in Live, and would not be accessible in another application. The Drum and Note Modes that we have incorporated can only be used in conjunction with Live.

Is there a MIDI specification chart available for Push?

This is not yet available.

Is it possible to rearrange Push's layout, for instance exchange the order of the sections of the stepsequencer and drum rack or even add more pads for drums, etc.?

Everything you've programmed yourself in User mode can also be modified. Currently there is no functionality which enables a reprogramming of factory built instruments though.

How can I reprogram the layout of the pads in user mode?

Currently the pad layout would have to be adjusted with Max for Live or Python.

Will it be possible to use another controller in conjunction with Push, e.g. one with bigger pads for tapping out beats?

Yes, select Push as control surface in Live's MIDI/Sync preferences and map e.g. the pads of a drum rack to the other MIDI controller of your choice. Make sure 'Track' and 'Remote' is activated for the one controlling the pads.  

Can I access Live's browser and load a new set from Push?

This cannot be done with Push yet. Currently you need to access Live directly to switch between sets.

When using multiple Push devices on one computer, is it possible to lock one Push to certain parameters exclusively? For example, could I use one Push for launching clips and another for modulation simultaneously.

This is possible. Right click on a device header and select “Lock to Control Surface" to lock a Push (or any controller) to that device. 

How does Push handle 3/4 and 6/8 time signatures with that pad arrangement?

Since the Push grid is 8/8, signatures like 4/4 fully utilize all the pads on the grid. Signatures such as 3/4 and 6/8 will utilize all pads that are necessary to reflect the signature itself.

Have all the physical controls been mapped to software functions? Is there more (physical) room for new features in future refinements (perhaps with Shift buttons)?

Every button and encoder has a function (or many functions). There are few shift functions on Push, but we cannot comment on any future developments.

Will Push's functionality evolve over time, e.g. with future firmware updates?


We have introduced many changes from 9.0 to 9.0.2. However, we cannot comment on future developments.


Does Push's surface heat up during long time sessions?

Push does not generate significant heat after long periods of time. The chassi remains cool to the touch even after 24hours of active and standby operation.

Do the Push creators see it as a performance tool as well?

Push is envisioned as a creative tool, but not exclusively. It can also be used in a live performance.

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